Excellent Attention to etail

June 30, 2009

“Excellent Attention to etail”


That is what I thought when I read this line in the “Top Skills” section of a resume. Then I laughed at the irony of the only typo on the document.

Do I believe this candidate has excellent attention to detail? No. Will I contact this candidate? Probably not (only if other skills seriously outweigh the oversight).

There are 2 reasons for this. One, the simple fact the word was a typo tells me this person does NOT have excellent attention to detail, and I have the proof in black and white. There could not have been a worse place in the resume the candidate could have neglected. Second, the resume was sent as a Word doc. “etail” came up as a typo when I opened it, and had the sender spent a few seconds doing spell-check (or paying attention to the red underlines), it would have been corrected.

Going back to whether or not I would contact this candidate based on the typo, my concern would be that other highlighted skills are as real as the attention to detail claim.

If you are sending out your resume to prospective employers, always, always, always run spell-check. If you are making claims of excellent, be sure that the content in your resume supports those claims.

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