Catch your Dream Date- Tonight!

April 20, 2010


Got your attention, did I?

Does your resume grab attention like this?  Will one quick glance at your name, cover letter and/or resume make the reader think, “I HAVE to call this person NOW”?

For the majority of you, I’ll be that’s not the case.  But it needs to be.

You are competing in a huge sea of other people. Assuming there is no one profusely vouching for you at any specific company, something about you needs to “WOW” whoever first sees your resume.

Here is an example of an extreme “wow”.  Below is a highlight, check out the post for more.

“… I co-owned and participate in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide in a successfull pot smuggling venture with revenues in excess of 100 million annualy...”; “I am well-traveled and I speak English, French and Spanish“; “References available from friends, family, US District Attorney, etc“.

While I don’t recommend highlighting your history of criminal activity, this is a very clever way of saying “look at me, I’m unique!”.  It does show how you can attempt to turn a negative into a positive.

What can you do that makes you shine through the sea of people?

(hint, promising dates is not a good idea)

I really can’t help you with dating right now- other than to suggest finding a job and recruiting are a lot like dating.

However, I CAN show you how to add in the “WOW” factor to your resume.  For those of you who have the perfect job, are ready to apply, but worry you’ll be stuck at the bottom of the pile, check our our Resume Overhaul services.  We’ll work with you to get you to the top of the pile!


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