We help people find their dream job

Connected Career matches people just like you with the perfect career. We guide you to that job that will have you ending the day with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction rather than longing to escape.

For most people, a dream life begins with a dream job.

It doesn’t matter what the job is—some people love being a doctor, a builder, a mechanic, a teacher—people who love their work have one key thing in common: they are rightly connected to their career. What they do matches who they are—their lifestyle, purpose, values, and abilities. They have found what they were meant to do. They have found their “calling.”

Connected Career uses proven techniques that will help you find a life-changing new career. You will love your work, because you will be doing what you were meant to do.
We’re not strictly about writing resumes and improving interview techniques, while those skills are important, there is much more to career counseling than dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s.  The truth is, with Connected Career, you might even land the perfect job without ever sending a resume at all!

Our system works. Successful people who find their dream jobs use it, and you can, too. There’s nothing magic about it. You will have to work through the process. But our commitment is to be with you every step of the way, providing advice, coaching and support on all aspects of your career until you find the career that connects with your life.

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Who created Connected Career?


Two of us: Mike and Melina.

A lifelong searcher, thinker, student and teacher.

I had spent my career in information security and through the years I moved from being a “tech guy” into building great teams and helping other professionals build great careers in the industry. This love of working with people on their careers transferred across disciplines and I soon found myself working with people in a variety of industries.

During one Christmas break, frustrated with the job dissatisfaction of those around me, I sat down to write out my thoughts. One week later, I published, “Forget the Parachute, Let Me Fly the Plane.” And from there grew the Connected Career.

A compassionate, practical teacher. And an HR guru.

My career has always revolved around improving the lives of those around me. I started out working with children and over the years my career morphed into Human Resources. The HR shift fit naturally with my desire to work with people, understand them, and help them as much as I can. As an HR professional, I have been on all sides of the table—company, employees, candidate, manager, grower, advisor, and more.

I work with companies and individuals, helping them grow in their careers and find joy in what they do. After Mike wrote his book, we both realized we wanted to reach out to more people. And from there grew the Connected Career.

You’ll find that, no matter what type of company you work for, what matters is how connected you are to the areas of your life that are important to you. That’s why we are here.

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    I can only come up with two things to say: 1) This book has the potential to change many lives. 2) This is an essential tool for anyone stuck at the fork in the road of their careers.
    -Maria, San Francisco

Forget the Parachute, Let Me Fly the Plane

Learn the same processes that the most successful people follow to find the job of their dreams!

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