Career Bailout

Afraid of Losing your Job?

Everyday we hear about layoffs, high unemployment rates, and companies closing their doors. People are losing their jobs or are fearful about it, and you might be one of them.

But posting your resume and browsing job-listing websites is not the best way to protect yourself or launch a new career direction.
At the Connected Career, we have developed a program to walk you through what to do to bail yourself out in these uncertain times.

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Ready for your own, personal bailout plan?

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  • 10 weekly online webinars covering a variety of topics—informative and motivational help you can use
  • Regular support e-mails from Connected Career—we are here to help you connect with the perfect career
  • Regular e-mails with can’t miss tips and information

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Price: $388


  • All of the features of the Silver Plan PLUS extra guidance and support with weekly Office Hours, our telephone forum that provides guidance and support throughout your search. As a bonus, all Office Hours will be recorded and available for download, so you never miss a call.

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  • All the features of the Gold and Silver Plans PLUS one-on-one customized guidance and support! This plan has the highest interaction with Connected Career throughout your search.

You get all of the benefits of the Silver and Gold Plans, in addition to weekly one-on-one calls with Melina or Mike.

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Price: $1979

Your dream job is waiting!
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