Afraid of Losing Your Job?

3 million people.

That’s the line that we started the free report that I’m about to tell you about. It was about the number of people that have lost their jobs since this recession began.

But the number is now 4 million people.

If you are reading this, chances are you are worried about being a part of the 4 million (plus) who are without jobs.

Which is why we created a FREE Special Report to help people like you who are afraid of losing your job.  Get your copy today to start preparing for tomorrow!

In the couple of months since we decided to create a free report based on our Career Bailout course, one million more people have lost their jobs. It’s everywhere we turn. It’s on the news. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some amount of fear right now about losing their job.

Even if you’re in a relatively safe position at a large company, your job isn’t safe.

A year ago, very few people would have thought we’d see old stalwarts like Lehman Brothers have issues.  Times have changed.  Every day, there is a news report of another company laying off hundreds or even thousands of people.

You may be next on the chopping block.

But there are ways to prepare for it.  There are actions you can take that will make a layoff much more painless, or avoid the layoff altogether!

Based on the work we have done with numerous clients in giving them a Career Bailout we have put together a report on the most important things to do if you’re afraid that you’re potentially on the chopping block.

Because of the state of the world, we decided to offer that report free for the next few months. We know that there’s fear out there. You may be finding yourself losing some sleep over it. Perhaps you’re feeling that anxious knot in your stomach that so many people have told us about.

We want to give you an opportunity to soothe that fear.  Get answers to questions on what to do right now:

  • “I am going to lose my job, what do I do?” We take you through a variety of steps to prepare for the lay off, and even ideas for preventing being laid off.
  • “How do I find a new job?” You will get real, actionable information on what to do before and after you lose your job to find a new one, including valuable information on networking and resumes.

It’s time to stop being scared and take action!

Our FREE report will help you move from fear to control of your situation.  You will gain invaluable, actionable, realistic knowledge on what to do and how to do it. Fill in the info below and download your copy of the report today!


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    So, I started reading your book on the ride home today. And I was skeptical about the book. Don't take it personally, I am just always skeptical about any book that promises me anything. With that said - I LOVED it! Seriously! Loved. Would highly recommend to a friend. I enjoyed the exercises... they were DIFFERENT. And fun.
    - Jennifer, San Francisco

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