Laid Off? Some Companies Are Still Hiring!

January 16, 2009

If you are one of the (many) thousands impacted by ongoing layoffs, know there are still companies hiring!

Granted, we hear about companies downsizing everyday, but less publicized is the fact some major corporations are still growing. , a site geared towards Human Resources professionals, published a list of 15 companies not participating in the mass layoffs in this economic downturn- 15 Companies Hiring Despite the Recession. You don’t have to be an HR pro to check out these companies, this is a valuable resource for anyone caught up in the frustrations and fears of losing your job.

Check out the companies listed, look through their open positions.  Touch base with anyone you know working for or with any of these companies.

If you find you are stuck or need help, contact us.

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Watching Friends Get Laid Off

December 19, 2008

An article over at Advertising Age talks about watching your friends and colleagues get laid off, and it reminded me of why we’re doing this. From the article:

“You’re in a funny position,” Mr. Nawrocki said. “When you watch people have to leave, and you know they were good, you wonder why they had to go and you stayed. You’re scared because you’re thinking ‘Boy, that could have been me.’ ”

Watching those around you get laid off, whether within your company or just within your circle of friends, is a constant reminder of how fragile the idea of “job security” truly is. In the roller-coaster that is this economy, more and more people are afraid for their jobs every day.

In the people that we talk to, the overwhelming fear of job loss is becoming a constant theme. And it was what got Melina and I thinking about the idea of the Career Bailout. It’s a program for those who haven’t yet been faced with a genuine Career Crisis, but are facing the uncertainty of potential layoffs, firings or closures.

There’s a lot of that going on right now. We created the Career Bailout program to help you through it with as little stress as possible.

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